Medical Executive Committee & Medical Staff


President – Wayne Wivell, MD
Vice-Presidents – Andras Sandor, MD and Alec Walker, MD
Secretary/Treasurer David Pladziewicz, MD


Hungwei Bai, MD
Edward Butler, MD
Matthew Brown, MD
Laurence Conway, MD
Jeffrey Feldman, MD
David Harnett, MD
K. Eric Henrikson, MD
Timothy Kubicki, MD
Rishi Likhi, MD
Michael Newman, MD
David Pladziewicz, MD
Andras Sandor, MD
Patricia Sereno, MD
Alec Walker, MD
Bruce Watrous, MD
Robert Weinstein, MD
Daniel Witkowski, MD
Wayne Wivell, MD

Physician Leaders

Department of Anesthesiology – Timothy Kubicki, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine – Alec Walker, MD
Associate Chairman – Eli Berg, MD

Department of Family Medicine – Patricia Sereno, MD
Associate Chairman – Francisco Brincheiro, MD

Department Chair of Medicine – Rishi Likhi MD
Division Chief of Cardiology LMH – David S. Pladziewicz, MD
Division Chief of Cardiology MWH – Salil Midha, MD
Division Chief of Dermatology – Donald Grande, MD
Division Chief of Endocrinology – Bindiya Thakkar, MD
Division Chief of Gastroenterology – Michael Newman, MD
Division Chief of Hematology/Oncology – Joseph Pennacchio, MD
Division Chief of Hospitalists – Rishi Likhi, MD
Division Chief of Nephrology – Michael Cohen, MD
Division Chief of Pulmonary Disease – Robert S. Weinstein, MD

Department of OB/GYN  Daniel Witkowski, MD
Associate Chairman  – Jennifer Wu, MD

Department of Pathology – Hungwei Bai, MD
Associate Chairman – Kathleen Trotta, MD

Department of Pediatrics  Jeffrey Feldman, MD

Department of Psychiatry   David S. Harnett, MD
Division Chief of Inpatient Psychiatry – John Giragos, MD

Department of Radiology  K. Eric Henrikson, MD
Associate Chairman – Wayne Wivell, MD

Department of Surgery – Matthew Brown, MD
Division of Ophthalmology – C. Douglas Evans, MD
Division of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery – Melissa Lackey, DMD
Division of Orthopedic Surgery – Abe Shurland, MD
Division of Otolaryngology – David Bowling, MD
Division of Plastic Surgery – Richard Peinert, MD
Division of Podiatry – Ray Murano, DPM
Division of Urology – Geoffrey Talbot, MD
Division of Vascular Surgery – Ronald Nath, MD

Approved by the Medical Executive Committee: 2/01/2018
Approved by the Board of Trustees: 02/22/2018