• 80%Adults Have Back Pain
  • 10%Are Recommended Surgery
  • 3rdMost Common Doctor Visit

Back Pain Treatments

If back pain keeps you from doing what you enjoy it's time to get it checked out. Some back pain can be treated with medication or physical therapy, while some back pain will improve with surgical intervention. If you have back pain talk with your PCP about the symptoms, causes and treatment options.

Back Pain Causes & Treatments

Find a Back Pain Specialist You Can Trust

Our experts offer high-quality, minimally invasive and comprehensive neurosurgical care to help you get back to normal function. We provide comprehensive treatment options for a range of disorders and injuries.

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It’s Time to Take Care of Your Back Pain

Back pain shouldn’t keep you from what you love. Our expert back pain specialists will partner with you and your PCP to come up with a plan to help return you to normal function and improve your quality of life.

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We’ll be hosting an event on October 3, 2019, with our physicians. They’ll speak about the different types of back pain, ways to manage it and will answer your questions. Put your name on our VIP list today:

If you can’t make the event, but want more information about how to get started we suggest meeting with your primary care provider and ask if a neurosurgery consultation is right for you or you can call our back pain specialists directly at 781-979-3070.