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How will I know when I can get the vaccine?

You will be contacted when you are eligible to receive the vaccine according to state guidelines. There is no need to contact your doctor's office now.

Vaccine Availability & Eligibility

Are the vaccines safe?

The vaccines are safe. The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) review of the vaccines was thorough and rigorous, and no steps were skipped in the process to review the safety of the vaccines. The FDA decided that the vaccine met safety and efficacy standards based on the currently available data from more than 43,000 diverse volunteers, and it was felt the benefits of the vaccine outweighed any side effects.

General Vaccine Information

Vaccination Plans: Aligned with the state’s rollout

The state continues to follow its phased vaccine rollout plan, announcing updates regularly as vaccine becomes available. Please continue to check the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website for the most current information and announcements.

We continue to vaccinate those who are eligible according to state eligibility criteria and as vaccine supply is made available to us.

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