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COVID-19 testing is widely available throughout the state.

Anyone with symptoms including fever, aches, cough, sudden loss of taste or smell, or digestive distress should contact their physician or clinical provider and arrange to be tested. Additionally, anyone who has had extended exposure (15 minutes or more) to someone who is confirmed COVID-19 positive should be tested.

There are various requirements by the state regarding travel as well as return to work or school that may also require testing. Complete information on testing and symptoms can be found at mass.gov/covid-19-testing.

Testing at our Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities

We have a drive-thru testing site at the back lot of Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford for patients who have a physician’s order to be tested and a scheduled appointment. Appointments are scheduled seven days a week.

All patients are tested prior to procedures and upon being admitted to our hospitals.

Currently, we are not offering walk-in testing at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital location or at Urgent Care. However, patients with symptoms or injury can and should come to/walk-in to Urgent Care for evaluation and appropriate care as an urgent care patient.

If you are a patient and need to be tested, please contact your physician or provider’s office to schedule a test.

Also, the state provides a list of testing sites including an interactive map as well as a list by town. Please call the location of your choice first to see if they offer walk-in testing without a physician’s order.

Staying Safe

We continue to take extra precautions to keep our patients and communities safe, including daily screening of symptoms of employees, promoting social distancing and frequent hand cleaning, and requiring everyone to wear a mask. If you have questions or concerns about, please contact your physician.

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