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Tips about how to schedule your appointment in the Clockwise self-scheduling tool

Make sure that your doctor’s office has your correct email address and/or cell phone number so you can be contacted about your vaccine. Also, be sure you have activated your patient portal.

I can’t find an available time.

If you do not find a preferred date or time available under Option 1, then try Option 2, and so on. Each Option offers appointment dates and times.

How do I know that my appointment request was submitted successfully?

You will receive a text message within a couple of minutes verifying that your appointment request was received. Then, one to two days later you’ll receive a second text message confirming that your appointment has been scheduled.

I did not get a text message confirming my Clockwise appointment request.

If you did not receive a text message, then you may have entered an incorrect cell number or a non-cell number (landline) when you booked.

Can I use my smartphone to make the appointment?

The Clockwise link will work on any device. If you have trouble accessing the link on your smartphone, try another such as a desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

I can no longer make my requested appointment, how do I reschedule?

It is important that you try to keep your scheduled appointment. We do not always know when the next appointment will be available. If you must reschedule, email Central Scheduling at

I need an interpreter, how do I request one?

When requesting an appointment in Clockwise, an interpreter can easily be requested at the same time. Complete the form and then click the box next to the question “Interpreter required?” and type the language in the text field that appears.

Can I choose which vaccine I will get?

The vaccine you receive will depend on the current supply. You will not be able to choose which vaccine you receive, but we will inform you on the day of your scheduled appointment.

How do I schedule my second dose?

If you require a second dose, we will schedule it for you and you will receive a text message with the date and time. This usually happens after your first dose appointment confirmed.

I already received my first dose from somewhere else. Can I get my second dose from you?

No, you should return to the original provider for your second dose. It is best for continuity that you receive your second dose by the same provider.

If I need two doses, do I need to get both doses from you?

Yes, both doses of the vaccine should be provided by the same provider. By scheduling your first vaccine dose with us, you are agreeing to get your second dose from us as well. If your vaccine requires two doses, you will need to receive both doses since the effectiveness of that vaccine has only been studied after two doses.

Who can help me with questions about using the Clockwise self-scheduling tool?

Please email your questions to Central Scheduling at

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