Nursing Strategic Plan for 2018-2020

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality care to patients and families of the communities we serve. This fosters a nursing culture that promotes nurse leadership and autonomy, professional development, critical thinking and cultural competence.

Our Vision

As professional nurses and members of the nursing care team, our most important responsibility is achieving optimal outcomes for our patients and nursing staff. It is through our professional practice model that we fulfill our vision.

Our Key Relationships

  • nursing community
  • physician colleagues
  • residents & fellows
  • patient care services team
  • support services
  • system-wide partners
  • community leaders
  • professional associations
  • EMS
  • public health & safety

Our Strategies for 2018-2020

Strategy 1

Develop core competencies of nurse leaders across the care continuum to support current and emerging roles.


  1. Utilize the AONE competencies to develop resources that ensure nurse leaders have the core competencies needed to lead in the changing healthcare environment.
  2. Optimize the innovation program utilizing LEAN methodology aimed toward continuous process improvement.

Strategy 2

Design and implement a care delivery system and population health management model across our continuum of care.


  1. Develop a process for decreasing returns to the ED and ensuring patient access to providers
  2. Position nurse leaders to serve as a resource to community and business leaders regarding nursing and healthcare

Strategy 3

Model the provision of safe, quality care in delivery systems grounded in healthful practice environments.


  1. Support collaboration between nursing and other health professionals to create and promote positive, safe and healthful practice work environments.
  2. Provide resources to ensure that nurses have the tools needed to enhance quality, patient experience and safety.

Strategy 4

Communicate the value of nursing in healthcare across the continuum to all stakeholders.


  1. Represent nursing at medical executive committee, board of trustees, and other department/medical staff committees.
  2. Disseminate oral and written materials, facilitate discussions and perform presentations based on evidence-based research.

Strategy 5

Optimize the operational effectiveness of nursing and patient care services.


  1. Realign, implement and develop the nursing and patient care services organizational structure.
  2. Deliver resource stewardship by managing to our budgets and meeting or exceeding operating margin goal.

Strategy 6

Align nursing and patient care services with our service line models aimed at improving patient access.


  1. Develop physician relationships aimed at increasing capacity for patient access while embracing our physician trainee model (residents and fellows).
  2. Optimize block times in procedural areas.