Supporting Our Communities and Neighbors

We promote the health and well-being of our communities.

We work to identify individuals in the community who are in need, including those with complex health needs or are facing social, economic and environmental disadvantages.

We partner with community service agencies, to reach out to those in need with direct services and to attend community events to provide health education and free medical screenings.

Data is collected to understand and identify the needs of our communities. We report our findings and develop a formal community health needs assessment every three years. This assessment advises the development of our community health implementation plan (as required by state and federal law).



Community Benefit Report

We had some outstanding outcomes from our community benefits program. Our most recent report:

Our Mission

We are committed to building and sustaining a strong, vibrant, and healthy community. We dedicate appropriate resources to collaborations with community partners and the utilization of community members’ input toward improving health services.

We pledge to act as a resource and to work with the community during emergencies, improve access to care, identify, monitor, and address the unique healthcare needs within its core communities and promote healthier lifestyles for residents through health education and prevention activities.