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Award Information

The Alan Macdonald Leadership Award was established in 2018 in honor of Alan when he retired from the role of president and chief executive officer of MelroseWakefield Healthcare. Alan inspired us with his leadership and dedication to local patients and families.

The award will be presented annually to a staff member of MelroseWakefield Healthcare to advance his or her professional and leadership skills through a class or conference.

Who Is Eligible for This Award?

This award is open to all MelroseWakefield Healthcare and Tufts Medical Center Community Care employees.

All staff members are encouraged to apply, for themselves or for a colleague.


  • Driven to pursue further learning advancement
  • Dedicated to compassionate patient care or to excellence in the nonclinical area of responsibility
  • Full-time or part-time staff member in either a clinical or nonclinical role
  • Use the award or be enrolled in a program, class or conference by the end of the FY20 or FY21 calendar year up to $1,000.
  • Nominee Information

    You can nominate yourself or a colleague.
  • Your Information

    You can nominate yourself or a colleague.
  • Tell Us Why

    Share why you think the nominee should receive this award.
  • Please provide a summary of how this individual exemplifies leadership or commitment in his or her role within the organization.
  • If known, please describe how award will be used?
  • Anything additional you'd like us to know? (optional)

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Family and Parenting
Jul 6

(Temporarily Suspended) Baby Café – Everett

Jul 6 Mon at 10:00 am
Family and Parenting
Jul 7

(Temporarily Suspended) Baby Café – Malden

Jul 7 Tue at 5:00 pm

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