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Thank you for your continued interest in the future of the Malden Hospital property.

Information and Updates on the Malden Hospital Property

As you can imagine, all of our efforts across MelroseWakefield Healthcare have been focused on managing the COVID-19 outbreak in our communities. We are incredibly proud of our nurses, doctors and staff for all they have done over the last two months, and deeply appreciate the support our front-line teams have received from our communities.

We look forward to re-engaging with you and our neighbors in the coming weeks and months to continue our conversation about the future of the Malden Hospital property. While we continue to explore use options, we remain committed to a transparent and thorough community engagement process this year, and we know local elected officials and neighbors in the area share that goal. Below is a recap of what we have heard thus far from our conversations with abutters, stakeholders, and elected leaders prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. This information continues to play a role in our internal discussions about the use for the property. We are committed to keeping the community updated as progress is made.

While we continue to explore use options, this information continues to play a role in our internal discussions about the use of the property. We are committed to keeping the community updated as progress is made.

We appreciate your patience during these uncertain times and hope you are staying safe. We look forward to speaking with you all again soon. Please reach out with any questions by emailing community@melrosewakefield.org (please include “Malden Hosp” in the subject line.)

Recap from Previous Meetings

Below please find high-level notes from our meetings in 2020 with Malden Hospital site abutters, along with additional comments received from other local stakeholders.

Request for better communication:

  • Develop online resources for abutters and residents to stay updated and informed.

Traffic concerns:

  • Traffic remains one of the top concerns of any redevelopment at this property.
  • Neighbors want to see a reduction in traffic generation over previous plans.
  • Neighbors request that MBTA access be maintained from the property.

Open space concerns:

  • Increase in overall open space over previous plans.
  • Request that any plan takes into consideration the overall aesthetics of the property and provides for easy and safe ways to drive and walk around the property.
  • Consider new walking and bike paths throughout campus.
  • In an effort to preserve and provide as much green space as possible, residents reminded MelroseWakefield Healthcare that we are acting as a conscientious steward of the overall land donated by the Converse family, and that is an element we should consider when contemplating future use and open space.

Upkeep issues:

  • Review the condition (and use) of the chain-link fence at the corner of Murray Hill and Hospital Road.
  • Evaluate the use of boulders, as opposed to fences, as an appropriate deterrent for automobiles at the access road.
  • Improve maintenance of the wooded area between the hospital and the neighborhood.
  • Investigate the history of a “green buffer zone” between the site and the neighborhood. Consider similar efforts in whatever form the project takes.


Update July 23, 2020

Thank you for your continued interest in the future of the Malden Hospital property. While our focus continues to be on COVID-19 and its impact on our communities, we have also begun to take steps toward re-engagement with the community related to developing plans for the Malden Hospital site. In our conversations, evaluations and internal discussions we continue to reflect on the feedback and information shared by all interested groups. 

Our goal is to deliver a project that balances needed use with the community’s interests in some utilizable open space and lesser traffic impacts than previous plans offered. To keep you informed, I am writing to share a couple of updates:

We are pleased to accept the invitation by the Friends of Fellsmere Heights (FoFH) and other stakeholders to walk the site with them to hear more about ideas for complementary open space elements that would make the campus an asset to the wider community. We have spent a considerable amount of time reviewing the extensive results of last year’s Malden/Medford survey. As noted, MelroseWakefield Healthcare is engaged directly with campus development plans, and we are looking forward to continued dialogue about open space. 

Second, we will be removing the existing fencing at the corner of Hospital Road and Murray Hill Road at the request of the residents and neighbors in that area for use and improved aesthetics. We know that this is a small gesture, but it is one that is in keeping with the spirit of cooperation we want to foster going forward. 

Please do not hesitate to be in touch with us as we re-engage with the community about the future of the hospital campus. We can be reached at community@melrosewakefield.org. Also, we encourage you to visit our website page and join our growing email distribution list.

Thank you. Stay safe.

Update May 21, 2020

Thank you to the community members who reminded us of the additional items of note. Specifically, reminding the community that we are no longer pursuing housing for the site. Also:

  • MelroseWakefield Healthcare and the community agree on the interest of establishing a Community Advisory Group at such time that the project comes into focus.

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