April showers bring May flowers and delicious local produce (lucky us!).

Spring is a great time to try new fruits and vegetables and, in New England, we are very lucky to have access to local farms so you can easily buy local. But what does ‘buy local’ mean? It means buying produce that is local to you – which makes it available shortly after it is harvested, keeping it fresh and preserving nutrients. When buying local you will only be able to purchase produce that is in-season. If it’s out of season in your area, it may be available in other areas and transported to a store near you. You can find local produce at farm stands, farmers’ markets or the grocery store (they often put signs highlighting “local”).

The earliest springtime vegetables available in New England are fiddleheads, pea shoots, parsnips, and asparagus. With local and seasonal produce in mind, our registered dietitians found some tasty recipes that showcase the start of spring produce:

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