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Now that it’s officially summer, it’s time for fresh and local produce and herbs that help keep your meals light.

You’ve probably been cooking at home a lot more lately and you might feel like you’re in a cooking rut. Trying a new vegetable, herb or fruit can help shake things up. Have you ever tried arugula? It’s a peppery lettuce that is great in a salad or sandwich. What about rhubarb? It’s a tart vegetable that’s often paired with sweet strawberries or in a dessert. And snap peas? They are a slightly sweet and very crunchy vegetable that is great raw or cooked.

We know it might be hard to get to the grocery store right now so many of these can be found at local farmer markets or stands. Our registered dietitians hand-selected these light and tasty vegetable-focused recipes:

What’s your favorite veggie recipe or did you try one of these recipes? Let us know what you thought of it and share a photo on our Facebook page.

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