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Our Patients, Our Neighbors

Our goal is to deliver the best possible care to every patient entering our hospitals and offices.

Massachusetts Reopening

Download our COVID-19 Attestation Phase 1 and  Attestation Phase 2;

Information for Patients and Visitors

Whether for a quick appointment or a longer stay, visitors to any of our facilities can find all you need to know about each facility on its location page. Thank you for respecting that all our facilities and campuses are tobacco-free.

We value and respect our patients and their families and friends. You may be looking for important information such as:

Visiting a Patient in the Hospital

If you are visiting a patient at MelroseWakefield Hospital or Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford, we ask that you adhere to the posted visiting hours so that patients’ needs for rest and recovery are met.

For any patient and family member in need, pastoral care and chaplaincy services are available.

Visitors are valued and play a key role in a loved one’s healing process. If you have a cold, cough or do not feel well, we request that you postpone your visit until you return to good health.

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Family and Parenting
Aug 12

(Temporarily Suspended) Baby Café – Melrose

Aug 12 Wed at 5:30 pm
Family and Parenting
Aug 12

Baby Café Online

Aug 12 Wed at 5:30 pm

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