How are candidates selected for an interview?

Applications for consideration will be reviewed by the Residency Application Review Committee to select candidates for an interview that most closely match our program goals and learning opportunities. This committee is composed of the residency program director and selected preceptors. All application materials including a letter of intent, CV, transcripts and letters of recommendation. These will be reviewed by the committee and recommendations of whether to consider for an interview made. An average of 5 candidates will be interviewed for each available position.

Phase II candidates will undergo the same process.

What should candidates expect for the interview?

All interviewed candidates will participate in a process consisting of:

  • an introduction from RPDs
  • 5 individual interviews with members of the interview team (consisting of RPDs, Preceptors and HR)
  • a question & answer session of a narrated case presented in traditional SOAP format submitted ahead of time
  • a meet and greet with staff and current residents

Do I need to be licensed in the state of MA at the start of residency?

All residents must be licensed or be eligible for licensure in the state of Massachusetts on the initiation of the program. If a resident is not licensed prior to the start of the residency, they must obtain a MA pharmacy intern license. All residents are required to be a Massachusetts licensed pharmacist by September 30, preferably by July 31.

How will the program address my individual goals?

Understanding our Residents’ individual goals and interests is important, as the program puts its best efforts to provide flexibility with learning experience schedule, electives and residency projects. We encourage our PGY-1 and PGY-1/2 HSPAL residents to not hesitate to discuss opportunities to tailor activities to their specific interests.

What is the difference between general track and international track? Are there two separate programs?

The PGY-1 programs for both tracks are the same in terms of experience and expectations. The international track positions available are specifically for those who are under a country-specific sponsorship agreement. The countries currently include Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Visa sponsorship is in collaboration with MCPHS University Boston.

Do you sponsor work visas for international students?

We do not sponsor any visas. Any other international candidates that do not qualify for a country-specific sponsorship agreement as stated above is responsible for their visa and may apply through the general track application.

What are your staffing requirements?

Our PGY-1 Residents are required to perform one 4-hour Emergency Department evening shift weekly and staff the pharmacy (Central Pharmacy/Decentralized Units) every third weekend.

Our PGY-2 HSPAL Resident is required to perform one 4-hour Emergency Department evening shift weekly and the equivalent of two 8-hour shifts per month as assigned.

Do you have residents handle on-call services?

PGY-1 Residents in the Pharmacy Program are not expected to be responsible for on-call services. Our PGY-2 HSPAL Resident does handle leadership on-call responsibilities to obtain managerial experience.

Are there any opportunities for teaching?

Teaching is a large component of our pharmacy residency program. Residents will receive their teaching certificate from MCPHS University Boston and be involved with medication groups, health fairs, in-service training, IPPE/APPE student precepting, etc.

Do we pick our own research project or is this given to us?

Preceptors will develop a list of project ideas that would be beneficial for the hospital to assist with the selection process. However, ideas proposed by residents are also considered on a case-by-case basis.

What is the salary?

The PGY-1 resident stipend is $47,500 and the PGY2 resident stipend is $50,000.

Where are your graduated residents now?

Our graduated residents have received PGY-2 training and practice as clinical pharmacists in various medical institutions across the globe. Our PGY-2 HSPAL Residents have obtained Director of Pharmacy positions at other institutions and entered medical school.