Committee Details

Our committees provide insight and oversight to five key areas including performance; contracting/incentives and finance, service innovation and education; specialty engagement; and technology.

If you’re interested in joining an HHPHO committee, please fill out and submit our membership request form. You must commit to attending at least 75% of the committee meetings.

Committee Descriptions

Performance Oversight Committee (meets quarterly, 4th Wed at 12:15 pm for 1 hr)

This Committee is responsible for the oversight of quality and utilization performance. They will provide guidance on the development of action plans and help to develop clinical policies and standards.

Technology (meets quarterly, 1st Thurs at 7:30 am for 1.5 hrs)

This workgroup will meet quarterly to discuss current technology such as EMR/Portal usage and future endeavors. The charge of this committee is to make recommendations to the HHPHO Board regarding implementation, purchasing, education and utility of technology that can assist physician offices and make the HHPHO more efficient.

Contracting/Incentives and Finance (meets every other month, 2nd Fri at 7:30 am for 1.5 hrs)

The Contracting/Incentives and Finance Committee meets as one unified committee, as many of their agenda items and discussions overlap.

To address contracting and incentive items: This Committee will make recommendations around the contracting decisions facing HHPHO, including participation, contract terms, and internal risk distribution and incentive models.  The HHPHO Contract team will review current contracts and standings, present new payor proposals and work with the Committee to form a strategy on what makes sense for both the hospitals and the physicians in future payor products/endeavors.  With each new proposal, the contract team will review reimbursement compatibility as well as determine volume potential to the Committee members to help create the most informed decision on how to proceed.  This committee will also provide recommendations to the Board on internal risk distribution and incentive management.

To address financial matters: This Committee will be involved in operational financial oversight of HHPHO.  The development and approval of the HHPHO budget will be brought to this Committee.  On a consistent basis, this Committee will review all HHPHO finances including balance sheets, P& L’s, and due to member standings.  Incorporated into that review a payment calendar that outlines proposed payment distributions by type and month will be shared and approved by this Committee. Financial Incentive withholds & surplus distributions will be discussed when reviewing risk contracts for settlement purposes.

Service Innovation and Education Committee (meets quarterly, 4th Thurs at 7:30 am for 1 hr)

This Committee will present and consider future MSO and centralized business opportunities and educational opportunities that the HHPHO can provide. The Committee will also focus on methods of improving the physician offices. Updates regarding the performance of the central services group will continue.


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