Who's Who at the HHPHO

Contact information for the HHPHO

Questions about a payment you received? Contact Dat Tran.
Questions about IPA dues? Contact Diane Lee.
Questions about the PHO Incentive Program? Contact Lori Croach.
Questions about care management referrals? Contact Denise Scarpetti.
Questions about the Wellforce Care Plan (Medicaid ACO)? Contact Elizabeth Tanner.
Questions about the Next Gen (Medicare) ACO? Contact Mary Hajjar.

You can always email us directly at HHPHO@melrosewakefield.org.

Name Phone FAX
Managed Care Fax Bizhub 423 781-338-7726
PHO Referrals Fax 781-338-7729
Care Management Fax 781-338-7712
Physician Finder Line 781-338-7171
Central Referral (CREEP) 781-338-7100

Hallmark Health PHO: Managed Care/Care Management/WF ACO Contacts
Last updated December 2019

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