Personalized Treatment Approaches

Endocrine disorders and their side-effects can be managed.

We might recommend lifestyle changes, medication or possibly surgery. We take a collaborative approach to your treatment and will work with your primary care physician, nutritionists and other specialists to help you achieve wellness and manage your disorder.

Diabetes Education & Self-Management

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, our self-management program (recognized by the American Diabetes Association for its excellence) is an effective way to learn how to manage it. Our program is designed to teach you how to manage your diabetes and lower your blood sugar to achieve long-term results.

Ask your endocrinologist or primary care physician for a referral to this program.

Support Group for Diabetes

When you’re living with diabetes, you might face unique challenges in your daily life and it can help to hear how others manage. We discuss a variety of topics that change each time we meet.

To find out more, including the date and time of our next meeting, please call 781-338-7759.