Convenient PET/CT Scans

A PET/CT scan combines both technologies into one machine.  It provides a picture of cellular function, a picture of the physical structure, a merged picture of the body’s cellular function and physical structure.

A PET/CT is a diagnostic method that combines two imaging techniques in one exam.

Positron emission tomography (PET) detects changes in the body on a cellular level. Since cellular changes take place before physical ones do, a PET scan can help your doctor make an earlier diagnosis or determine if your current treatment is working effectively.

Computer-assisted tomography (CT) uses x-rays to creates a detailed view of the physical structure of your organs and tissue. CT scans can show the dimensions of your vessels, lymph nodes and organ systems.

We offer easy access and convenient hours for PET/CT scans at Montvale PET/CT in Stoneham.