Advanced Digital X-ray Technology North of Boston

An X-ray is a non-invasive medical test that produces pictures of the inside of your body.

X-rays are routinely used for viewing and diagnosing:

  • abnormal bone growths
  • arthritis
  • bone changes found in metabolic conditions
  • bone cancer
  • emphysema
  • foreign objects in soft tissues in or around bones
  • fractured bones
  • guiding orthopedic surgery
  • heart failure
  • injury
  • infection
  • pneumonia

You need a doctor’s order before this test. To schedule an appointment, call 781-338-7111.

What to Expect

X-rays do not take very long and do not hurt. The X-ray technologist might have you wear a lead apron to protect other areas of your body from unnecessary radiation.

If you have been prescribed an X-ray, we have convenient locations and you can schedule an appointment at 781-338-7111.