Specialty Newborn Services at MelroseWakefield Hospital

Our Level II Special Care Nursery delivers enables you to remain close to your baby, and near your family support system, while your newborn receives the best in specialized care.

We’ve been providing neonatology care with specialists from Tufts Medical Center for over 25 years. It’s comforting to know if your baby needs extra care, we have a level II special care nursery close to home, right here at MelroseWakefield Hospital. Staffed by neonatologists from Tufts Medical Center, we provide expert care including nursing, pediatric cardiology, neurology, surgical services and genetic testing and counseling for our tiniest patients.

Should your baby need highly-specialized care, we collaborate with our partners at Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Children’s Hospital to provide the appropriate level of care and access to specialists quickly and easily.

Some of our babies start out in a Level III neonatal intensive care unit and are transferred to our Level II nursery as they grow and develop, allowing their parents and families  outstanding care closer to home. You and your baby also benefit from services provided by:

  • lactation consultants
  • respiratory therapists
  • physical therapists
  • social workers

Keeping You Connected to Your Baby 24/7

Our special care nursery offers Angel Eyes, a video camera device positioned directly above individual babies, so loved ones can log on to watch livestream video of their little ones day and night. Angel Eyes is a secure way for parents to see their baby at any time, even when they can’t physically be in the hospital or when visiting time with the baby is limited for medical reasons. Parents have primary access to a special Angel Eyes account and can grant secure viewing access to other family members and friends if they wish.

MelroseWakefield Hospital delivers advanced maternal-fetal medicine services in the only Level II special care nursery in Melrose, Everett, Malden or the surrounding northern Boston neighborhoods.