Choosing the Doctor that is Best for You

“Primary care provider” is a wide-ranging term that describes doctors of several different specialties and medical degrees. How do you choose the right doctor with so many options?

We create lasting and trusting connections between you and your doctors by connecting you with attentive and experienced primary care providers who can serve you and your health needs.

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Internal Medicine & Family Medicine

Internal medicine and family medicine doctors are two of the most common primary care providers. So what’s the difference between the two?

  • Family medicine practitioners provide a full spectrum of care for the entire family — infants, children, adults and the elderly.
  • Internal medicine doctors, also called internists, focus on the treatment of adults.

What’s the Difference Between an MD & DO?

Much like internists vs family medicine practitioners, the designation after a doctor’s name can also be confusing. Most people are familiar with the classic “MD,” or “Doctor of Medicine,” but fewer patients have not had an opportunity to received care from a “DO” or “Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.”

Both are qualified medical doctors and hold medical degrees from accredited universities. The major difference is in the philosophy of care they use to treat patients.

  • The DO method takes into account your mind, body and spirit. It is a more holistic approach that focuses on allowing the body to heal itself, often without (or with limited) prescribed medication.
  • The MD method is based primarily on scientific practices and combats disease through the use of pharmaceutical and other science-backed remedies and treatments.

Both types of doctors can prescribe medication and provide complete care to manage your medical needs and to keep you well.

Other Types of Primary Care Providers

Specialists and other medical professionals can provide your primary care and disease management, including:

  • OB/GYNs can provide primary care for women
  • pediatricians can provide primary care for children from birth to adolescence
  • physician assistants can provide complementary care under the supervision of your physician
  • nurse practitioners are registered nurses with advanced medical training and can provide complete medical care

Choose a provider that is the right fit for you and your family, close to home. Same-day, next-day, evening and Saturday appointments available with primary care providers at Tufts Medical Center Community care, call 781-338-7777 to find a doctor.