Relief for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Available to both female and male patients, pelvic floor physical therapy helps patients find relief from musculoskeletal problems related to pregnancy and pelvic floor dysfunction. Our specialty-trained physical therapists can help with:

  • bladder training
  • bowel training
  • constipation
  • erectile dysfunction (men)
  • ergonomics and body mechanics training
  • peeing frequently
  • pain during sex (women)
  • pelvic floor and core exercises
  • relaxation and breathing exercises
  • trouble controlling your bowels or urine, leading to leaks
  • urinary incontinence

You should speak with your primary care provider, OB/GYN, gastroenterologist, or urologist if you think you could benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy. Treatment is often covered by most insurance plans and is discreet, private and confidential.