Everything You Need to Know About a Sleep Study

We work collaboratively with you and your physician to provide highly-personalized care and treatment plans that include education, ongoing care management and support.

By providing thoughtful treatment and management of sleep disorders, patients can experience significant improvement in symptoms and associated health risks.

What to Expect During and After Your Sleep Study

You will arrive at the Sleep Medicine Center in the evening and stay overnight. Bring comfortable pajamas and a change of clothes for the morning. Include all the items you would take for an overnight stay at a hotel. If you would feel more comfortable, bring your own pillow as well, but it is not needed. You will need to bring your medications if you need to take them while you are away from home.

You will stay in a private room, very similar to a comfortable hotel room suite, with a private bedroom and bathroom.

What will Happen During my Stay?

When you arrive a member of the sleep medicine team will meet with you and explain the testing. They will show you the equipment that will be used and discuss how the study works. Feel comfortable to ask questions about the study. Let them know about any specific problems that you might not have already discussed with your doctor.

You will have time to relax and either read or watch television. The technologist will apply sensors to the skin of your head and body. These small discs will be connected to a computer and record the vital signs of your sleep. The wires are long enough so that you can move around and turn over in bed. These are all designed to be as comfortable as possible. The sensors may feel strange at first, but most people get used to them very quickly. They should not be an obstacle that gets in your way of sleeping. They will do a few tests to make sure everything is monitoring properly. You may be asked to move your eyes, or clench your teeth and move your legs. Once it is all set up you are free to relax until your normal bedtime.

The rooms are very comfortable and will remind you of a hotel. It is very quiet and peaceful and most patients fall asleep quickly. It is expected that you might not sleep quite as well as you do at home. This should not affect the results of the study.

What if I Need the Bathroom During my Sleep Study?

This happens quite often. The technologist will inform you prior to the study how to reach them if you need assistance. They will come in and unplug the wires, and you will be free to get up. The sensors do not need to be removed. This makes it very easy to hook your wires back up when you return back to bed. Most people have to get up at least once during their study.

What Happens After my Study?

It may take up to two weeks to receive the results of your study. Based on the information gathered, the doctor will discuss any treatment or follow-up evaluation that you may need.

For more information about our sleep center, please call 781-306-6366.