Minimally Invasive Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Our team of highly-trained surgeons, skilled in robotic technology, offers advances and opportunities for less invasive procedures for patients.

MelroseWakefield Hospital is proud to have the latest and most advanced model of the da Vinci XI surgical robot.

Robotic-assisted surgery serves as an extension of our surgeons. It allows complex procedures to be performed with greater precision, enhanced 3D high-definition visualization, and advanced instrumentation virtually extending the surgeon’s eyes and hands into the patient. This means more options for complex surgical procedures performed with smaller incisions and other advantages such as:

  • quicker recovery time
  • less pain
  • less scarring
  • a faster return to normal daily activities
  • shorter or no hospital stay


Robotic-assisted surgery has been a common approach for a range of surgical needs for more than 15 years, including:

  • hernia repair
  • complex abdominal wall reconstruction
  • anti-reflux surgery
  • gallbladder surgery
  • surgery of the small and large intestine
  • weight-loss surgery
  • prostate surgery
  • kidney surgery
  • surgery of the ovaries and uterus

Hernia Repair

Hernia repair is a common surgical procedure. A hernia occurs when an organ pushes through muscles or tissue. Options for hernia repair include both “open” procedure that involves a large incision or laparoscopic. Robotic-assisted surgery allows our surgeons to repair completely, like an open procedure, but with minimal incisions and quicker recovery similar to a laparoscopic procedure.

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