Immunization & Expert Travel Health Advice

As the world becomes a “global village,” more travel from the U.S. to developing countries in Asia, Africa and South America is increasing the number of people at risk for a variety of infectious diseases.

We provide a comprehensive service with individualized counseling on necessary precautions, immunizations, medications, and medical care for travel-related illnesses.

When do I need to plan for travel services?

When anticipating an international trip, it is important to plan ahead for preventive medical services. Six to eight weeks before departure is the best time to schedule an initial appointment. During your appointment, we will conduct an in-depth interview to plan appropriate vaccinations and medications for your trip. Some vaccines require follow-up and multiple appointments.

Fees & Payments

It is your responsibility to contact your insurance provider to ensure coverage. Generally, health insurance does not cover the cost of treatment. Fees are $100 per visit and vaccinations range from $70 to $300 each depending on the complexity of the traveler’s needs.

For more information about our travel medicine services, please call 781-306-6264.