Information on Hospice Care

Where do I need to go to receive hospice care?

A person can receive hospice services in their private home, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living community. Hospice is not a place but rather a philosophy and service delivery.

How is hospice paid for?

Hospice is a Medicare benefit, covering 100% of the costs for services, durable medical equipment, and medications associated with hospice diagnoses. Most private insurance and MA health plans offer a hospice benefit. The hospice team can research coverage and quickly inform you about coverage.

Is there a time limit for hospice?

While hospice is intended for those with a disease with approximately a six-month life-limiting timeframe, patients can receive hospice services indefinitely for as long as a decline in condition is evident. Periodic evaluations and reviews with physicians and patients occur to monitor qualification for hospice services.

What happens if I change my mind and I want curative treatment?

Should a patient’s condition improve or decides to elect curative treatment, hospice services can be revoked without penalty. Similarly, hospice services can resume anytime as long as the patient meets the qualifying criteria that physicians decide.

How do I access hospice?

While physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals can recommend hospice, patients and family can refer to Care at Home by calling us at any time at 800-933-5593.