• 80%Adults Have Back Pain
  • 10%Are Recommended Surgery
  • 3rdMost Common Doctor Visit

Back Pain Treatments

If back pain keeps you from doing what you enjoy it's time to get it checked out. Some back pain can be treated with medication or physical therapy, while some back pain will greatly improve with surgical intervention.

Back Pain Causes & Treatments

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Our expert providers are also on staff at Tufts Medical Center and offer high-quality, comprehensive neurosurgical care to help you get back to enjoying what you do most. We provide full treatment options for a range of disorders and injuries.

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It’s Time to Take Care of Your Back Pain

Back pain shouldn’t keep you from what you love. Our expert back pain specialists will partner with you and your primary care provider to come up with a plan to help return you to normal function and improve your quality of life.

Back Pain Evaluation

If back pain is interrupting your life it might be time for a neurosurgery consultation. To get started call our back pain specialists at 781-979-3070 and they will evaluate you and, if needed, will connect you with a neurosurgeon for further care.

Our back specialists Mina Safain, MD and Ran Ku, PA can answer questions about unresolved back pain. They are experts in surgical and non-surgical treatments for common conditions that can cause back pain such as sciatica, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis.

Mina Safain, MD
Ran Ku, PA

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We understand that you may have questions about your safety when coming to our hospitals or outpatient offices for care in the new era of COVID-19. For everyone’s protection be assured we are taking extra precautions.