LMH Construction Update Weeks of Jan. 27 and Feb. 3: Changes in Campus Parking (added 1/31/20)

We are excited to begin renovations at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital campus for the new ambulatory surgery center and lobby. As you may have seen, a number of planned activities have begun at the campus, the most significant of which are resulting in changes in parking on the campus for employees and physicians. In addition to outlining the parking changes below, we have also included a high level overview of all activity that should provide a framework of what to expect during the overall construction process (12 mos). It is important to note, that there will be no interruption in patient care during construction. 

Changes in Parking at LMH

To ensure a safe environment during construction for patients, employees and staff, as well as appropriate parking and ease for our patients and visitors, all employees and physicians will park in the upper right parking lot effective February 1. Signage will be installed January 31-Feb 1 to direct visitors to park in the back lot by the Urgent Care entrance.

Beginning this weekend, the lower lot off of Governors Ave will be used as a staging area for construction and materials, impacting parking. This morning, Jan. 31, traffic cones were laid out marking off the “no parking” area. Later in the day on Friday, jersey barriers and fencing will be delivered and installed in the lower lot. As you’ll see indicated in the attached document, this area will be utilized for all construction equipment for the duration of the construction process.

Patient Parking and Drop-off

A patient drop-off area and handicap parking will be available at both the main entrance and the Urgent Care entrance. Please see the map. 

Overview of Activities

Below is a high level outline of the expected construction process for the ASC. We recognize that all construction projects include many moving parts and can be noisy at times, but we remain committed to ensuring this project is completed in the least impactful way possible to our neighbors and surrounding community. 


  • Construction Site Perimeter Established
  • New temporary entrance in-use (2/17/20)
  • Interior demolition complete (March)


  • Steel frame addition erected (April)
  • Joining of new build with existing structure 


  • Existing structure external work: wall, windows, siding, canopy (August)
  • New handicap parking, patient drop off, and pedestrian entrance re-open (September)
  • Initial landscaping installations (weather dependent)


  • Finalize landscaping improvements (October – November)
  • Interior lobby renovations complete (December) 

We will continue to keep the community informed of changes and/or updates as they occur. If you have any questions, please email them to community@melrosewakefield.org.  

Lawrence Memorial Hospital Abutters Meeting on January 30, 2020 (added 1/20/20)

As construction plans for the ambulatory surgery center develop we invite our neighbors to learn about the overall construction plan and hear updates on implementing elements of the mitigation plan.
Date and Time: Thursday, January 30, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Lawrence Memorial Hospital Cafeteria – Take main elevators to ground level, turn right.

Please feel free to email Community@MelroseWakefield.org with any questions or to let us know you can make it. Look forward to seeing you soon!

Ambulatory Surgery Center Construction Updates (added 1/10/20)

We were recently granted our building/construction permits for the ambulatory surgery center from the City of Medford.

In anticipation of the starting of the construction process, a number of preparatory steps are planned over the next few weeks.

Delivery of materials:
During the weeks of January 13 and 20, we expect staging materials, including fencing and other items, to be delivered to the campus. These materials will be located in a secure staging area adjacent to the main entrance.

Creation of a temporary entrance:
The main entrance of the hospital, which will remain at Governors Avenue, will be temporarily relocated a few yards to the left of the current doorway. We anticipate the temporary entrance to be in operation by the middle of February.

School of Nursing student parking:
On Monday, Jan. 13, students at the Regis/Lawrence Memorial School of Nursing return. As planned, students will be parking at the former Malden Hospital site in an area specifically prepared for the students.

A shuttle bus has been contracted to provide shuttle services for students to and from the Lawrence Memorial Hospital campus.

The parking policy will be strictly enforced by campus security.

Students who do not comply with the policy will be ticketed, removed from class, and assessed escalating fines that must be paid to the Bursar prior to completing their courses. Unpaid fines will result in students not being able to enroll in classes. Repeat offenders will go in front of the Judicial Committee and the student cannot return to class without parking documentation from shuttle bus driver indicating student has parked in off-site lot.

Please let us know if you see any students parking in the neighborhood.

Construction staging:
On or about February 1, safety fencing and jersey barriers will section off the lower parking lot at the LMH campus. This area will be used for construction staging beginning at that time. A patient drop-off area will be created to give patients direct access to the temporary entrance. Employees and visitors will be parking in the upper lot. Security will be on-site to assist with parking.

Upcoming abutters meeting:
We are looking to hold an abutters meeting in January to share construction updates and timelines once they are available. We are targeting the end of the month and hope to have a flyer out to abutters in the coming days.

We will continue to send these email updates and provide updates on the “Stay Updated on LMH” website, accessible from the home page and at www.MelroseWakefield.org/visionLMH.

If you have any questions, please send them to community@melrosewakefield.org.