Lawrence Memorial Hospital Construction Update (added November 27, 2020)

Following up on Wednesday’s update, please know we expect the hammering work to continue today with hopes that it will be completed today. This hammering work is to remove minimal amounts of ledge that was unexpectedly encountered with the new parking lot drainage work and is necessary to set the new drain lines at proper elevation.

Some have asked if there will be blasting. No, there will not. We hope the work will be completed today. These plans have been approved by the city’s Building Department.

Paving of the parking lot is expected to begin at the beginning of next week.
We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
If you have any questions, please email

Lawrence Memorial Hospital Construction Update (added November 25, 2020)

We wanted to provide a few updates on construction activity at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

  • As work continues on the enhanced parking near the front of the hospital, there will be some noisy activity today and Friday as we install drainage in the parking area. Plans have been approved by the city Building Department.
  • Next week, work will be done on paving the new parking area. Our goal is to keep trucking on site as much as possible, but we do anticipate some trucking will need to be staged on Governors Ave. to complete the pavement tie-in at the street. Extra personnel will be onsite to manage the paving at the entrance off Governors Ave.
  • We have received questions about the repair work on the sidewalks along Lawrence Rd. As required by the approved permit for the hospital campus project, repairs were made to the cracked sidewalks between the Urgent Care entrance and Governors Ave. In consult with the City of Medford, the entire stretch of sidewalk was repaved using the same materials that had been existing there before.
  • Also, the activity on the grassy section at the corner of Lawrence Rd. and Governors Ave. is temporary, resulting from the sewer line replacement work that is being done. This grassy area will be restored when this work is done and it is seasonably appropriate to seed.

If you have any questions, please email them to or contact Jackie Piques in the Mayor’s office at

Lawrence Memorial Hospital Construction Update (added November 13, 2020)

We are writing to provide you with updates on the ongoing construction at the Lawrence Memorial Hospital campus.

Next week, as previously communicated, work will continue on the main driveway and parking lot areas.

Specifically, on Monday, Nov. 16 (weather permitting), we will be reclaiming the pavement in the lower parking lot. This work will require the use of a large piece of equipment, which will be dropped off in the parking lot in the morning.

Additionally, work will continue on the construction of a new ADA accessible ramp leading up to the hospital from Governors Ave., as previously noted.

As always, if you have any questions, please email them to

Lawrence Memorial Hospital Construction Update (added November 6, 2020)

This week, as previously communicated, road work and campus landscaping work continues. The main driveway is temporarily closed to complete the paving work for the parking lot and create the ADA accessible ramp from Governors Ave.

Also, the City of Medford provided the update below on the traffic mitigation work to neighboring residents of the hospital campus.

As always, if you have any questions, please email them to

City of Medford Message

As the project nears completion, contractors will be conducting traffic mitigation improvements over the next several weeks. The traffic mitigation for the project was a requirement for the City Council’s approval of the project in 2019. Improvements in the area will include:

Speed Humps/Speed Tables at 3 locations:

  1. Lawrence Rd. (between Ashcroft and Clifton)
  2. Governors Ave. southbound side (between Samson and Brewster)
  3. Governors Ave. northbound side (between Mass. Ave. and Samson)
    *Traffic impacts related to the above requires detouring traffic to perform construction.

Solar Powered Radar Feedback Signs at 4 locations:

  1. Lawrence Rd., for westbound traffic (between Ramshead and Damon)
  2. Lawrence Rd., for eastbound traffic (between Lincoln and Summit)
  3. Governors Ave., for southbound traffic (between Hall and Lawrence)
  4. Governors Ave. northbound side (between Mass. Ave. and Medical Center southernmost Gov. Ave. driveway)
    *Traffic impacts related to the above should NOT require detouring traffic to perform construction. This may involve sidewalk/grass strip work with a vehicle in the shoulder.

Traffic signal detection at 3 signalized intersections:

  1. Lawrence Rd. at Winthrop St
  2. Lawrence Rd. at Governor’s Ave.
  3. Lawrence Rd. at Forest St.
    *Traffic impacts related to the above may require shifting traffic, possibly closing a lane at a time or two lanes at a time to perform construction (as it did at Winthrop St. last week).

In addition, upcoming work will include renovations of sidewalks and repaving. For portions of this work, traffic lane shifts or road closures may be in place for the pavement to properly set. This work will be weather-permitting, and we will do our best to update you as specific dates are available from the contractor.

Over the next two-to-three weeks there will be a construction presence on Lawrence Road. For the rest of this week and into the beginning of next week we will be replacing the existing sewer line that runs to Lawrence Memorial Hospital in order to facilitate the installation of a new manhole structure, as requested by the City of Medford and called for in the Special Permit Requirements of our construction project.

Our work on the sidewalks and the driveway entrance will also continue over this time.

Thank you for your continued patience during construction. If you have any questions on these updates, please email us at