LMH/ASC Construction Update (added September 28, 2020)

We are writing to provide you with an update regarding construction activity on the Lawrence Memorial Hospital campus.

Next Phase of Construction

This week, work begins on the parking lot and its sidewalks. Aspects of this work will require asphalt reclaiming and ​jackhammer use.   Work crews will use all resources to limit disruption to the neighborhood and will abide by the City of Medford noise ordinance and construction procedures. This work will also include the construction of a new ADA accessible ramp leading up to the hospital from Governors Ave. This phase is anticipated to last for two months, which gets us to a point of nearing the end of construction.


In mid-October we are beginning work on landscaping.  The landscaping design for the interior parking lot has been slightly modified to feature more manicured lawn space along interior parking lot areas and within parking lot islands to ensure maximum traffic safety and survivability of plantings. Plans for plantings and shrubs along the building façade remain. The three new islands in the interior parking where two trees were initially proposed will now move forward with one tree centered on each of the islands.

Please note, there have been no changes to the improvements planned for the perimeter buffer landscape design, including the removal of dead trees and adding new plantings to improve the exterior buffer. This work is scheduled to begin this week.

Roof top

Initially, our plans proposed rooftop screens to obscure the view of the existing mechanical unit on the roof of main entry building.  After extensive review with our structural engineers, designer team and input from the Medford Fire Department, it was determined that erecting any form of functional rooftop screens is not a feasible option.

Our next phase of exploration includes paints and finishes that will visually help the unit blend in with the surrounding building facades. We will be mocking up three potential colors  and making a final selection in the coming weeks.  We believe this plan will  be a safe, functional and visually appealing solution that can be safely sustained and will provide access for responders in the event of an emergency. If you have any feedback you can contact community@melrosewakefield.org.

Medford City Council – Oct. 6

We are scheduled to present at the Medford City Council meeting on Oct. 6. to provide a project update; much of the same information that we have sharing in our communications; as well as provide a project timeline update.  

Thank you for your continued patience during construction. If you have any questions on these updates, please email us at community@melrosewakefield.org

LMH Construction Update (September 16, 20220)

Good morning,

We hope this message finds you well.

We are writing to provide you with an update regarding this week’s construction activity on the Lawrence Memorial Hospital campus.

We will be placing the new roof-top unit of the ambulatory surgery center on the roof of the new addition this Thursday morning, Sept. 17.

There is a logistics plan in place detailing trucking routes, staging areas and parking. 

A crane will be arriving in the parking lot early in the morning. The crane, by law, needs to be off the roads before 7 am. It will arrive and pull directly into the parking lot with its engine turned off until 7 a.m., when work will begin. The crane will be disassembled and should be offsite by approximately 4 p.m. The crane driver has been instructed to not park on the street, although he/she may need to pause in order to pull into the lot safely.